K i t c h e n s

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing high number of enquiries. In order to serve you best and within a reasonable timeframe, we ask that you send an online/email enquiry through with photos of the area where work is required and approximate measurements as well as the description of the job. Based on this, we can provide you with an estimate of cost for the job.

Thank you!

A B O U T     U S

At B&F Cabinets, we pride ourselves with the quality and service we offer to our clients. Based in the heart of St Kilda, an unusual place for cabinet makers workshop, we feel and see great support from our local community as well as happy customers abroad so we try and offer something back.


No matter how small your job may be, or even if you are just after some advice on your next DIY kitchen upgrade, feel free to call us or just drop into our workshop at 34 Greeves St, ST KILDA and we'll be more than happy to help.


Having over 50 years of combined experience in the field, we have enough knowledge to understand what's important to our clients. From inception to installation, we are here to help you and guide you through the process and make sure that you are happy with the end result whether it'd be a whole new kitchen, storage cabinets, wall units, wardrobes or a few extra shelves in your existing cabinet.​


The Process



It all starts with you. Whether you need to upgrade your existing kitchen or simply need some extra storage in your existing wardrobe. You just need to contact us outlining your needs. ideally, an online enquiry with the following info:

Photos of the existing space where the works are required

Approximate dimensions of the space

A few inspiration photos from the internet so that we can get an idea of the type of layout, design and look that you are aiming for

Budget. This part is important but not critical. Giving us an idea of your budget for your project helps us work out best possible way to to suit your project.


Once you have submitted an online / phone enquiry, we can then estimate the cost of the project for you. If the estimate is within your budget and you'd like to discuss the job in further detail, we can arrange a time for an obligation free site measure and quote. 



The next step would be to set up one on one consultation with one of our team members. During this time, you are invited to our workshop / showroom where you will be shown your project come to life with 3D drawings and material selection. This is the opportunity to make all the necessary decisions and final tweaks to the design, peak the right materials to suit your budget and needs and lock in the job. You will also have the opportunity to see some of our work during this time. There is a fee of $360+gst for this process which which can be deducted once the deposit of 50% of the total cost of the job is paid. If you do not wish to go ahead with the project, the $360+gst consultation fee is non refundable. The allowed time for the consultation is up to 2 hours.



In most cases, the consultation is sufficient to be able to lock in the job. Once the job is locked in and deposit paid, we can then talk about planning, approximate timelines of the project from start to finish.